A Great Film and a Successful Fundraising Event

633 Squadron poster

The fourth Montreal Aviation Museum annual fund raiser featuring wine, cheese and a flying movie was a definite success! The more than 115 attendees left with a smile and the Museum raised more than $4000 to support its activities!

On Sunday February 14, the MAM held a fund raising performance of “633 Squadron” at the historic Hudson Village Theatre. The film was preceded by a first class wine and cheese reception hosted by John Lawson, our President, and his wife Inga. The reception provided an opportunity for the guests, who were mainly aviation enthusiasts, to offer their financial support and to meet with our members and learn more about what the museum has to offer.

The 1964 film is fictional but based on actual Royal Air Force operational missions to destroy Nazi rocket fuel plants tucked deep in Norwegian fjords and heavily protected by AA batteries. As the first aviation movie shot in wide screen and technicolour, it featured authentic flying sequences of five operational Mosquitoes with more serving as props on the ground. The main feature was preceded by a ten minute short video titled “The German” about a British and a German fighter pilot who were engage in a World War Two dog fight. The video is an excellent example of how old aircraft we can be recreated using computer generated imagery.


An additional evening attraction was the raffling of a 1/24 scale Mosquito made by one of the Museum’s model makers.

The MAM would like to express its thanks to these staunch supporters many of whom have attended all four annual events. A special thanks to the very understanding ladies who gave up Valentine’s Day to allow their men to indulge their passion for aviation !

See you next year!